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Amat Victoria Curam

Victory Favors the Prepared

We believe success is built upon hard work and preparedness in baseball, academics, business, and life. Our creed, “Amat Victoria Curam – Victory Favors the Prepared,” reflects our core values, guides our overall mission, and helps set our organization’s standards.

Players Creed

A Tacoma Select player confronts challenges head on and is ready to triumph over every situation. A Tacoma Select player has an extraordinary determination to succeed, molded by the challenges they face. 

I am that individual.

I embrace the responsibility entrusted to me, recognizing that playing the game of baseball is a privilege earned anew each day.

With discipline, on and off the baseball diamond, I pledge to control my emotions and actions, showcasing an unyielding integrity as my standard. I anticipate both leading and following, taking command in the absence of instructions, and steering my team to fulfill our goals. Leading by example is my commitment in every situation.

I will never quit, regardless score or circumstance. Enduring and thriving on adversity is my pledge. My teammates rely on me to be physically tougher and mentally stronger than our opponents. If knocked down, I will rise every single time, summoning the last ounce of strength to accomplish our goal. I am never defeated; the fight endures within me. I demand discipline from myself, understanding that the team’s success hinges on my efforts. 

I will train as I play, standing ready to apply the entirety of my knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve our team’s goals. Continuous improvement is my mantra; my training is an ongoing journey.


Tacoma Select’s mission is in the positive development of its players both on the baseball field and in life. 

On the field, Tacoma Select stresses the importance of practice and competition, focusing on developing high-level baseball skills. We focus on the importance of preparation, teamwork, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership, and attention to detail. Tacoma Selects players are expected to strive toward the appropriate responses to both success and adversity.  

Off the field, we emphasize character development, achieving strong academic results in school, exhibiting individual and team accountability and responsibility, developing communication skills, and being a good community steward.

The organization achieves its goals through the leadership of its founders, coaches, trainers, and players’ families. Tacoma Select expects all its players to strive to achieve that standard. 

Core Values


A Tacoma Select player understands that both in the game and in life, they and the team will have moments of success and failure; their response to adversity and success will define their character. In facing these moments, the players are expected to show support to teammates, a commitment to excellence, humility with success, self-motivation, even tempered emotional response, and a deterministic work ethic.  


Tacoma Select players are expected to take personal ownership of their actions. The player understands what is expected of them and takes his or her commitments to family, coaches, teammates, organization, and the community seriously.

Winning Attitude:

A Tacoma Select player understands that the organization’s culture requires them to always bring the right attitude. A negative mindset will impact the culture of the team and organization. We strive toward a focus on competing, even when things don’t go as planned, and taking responsibility when we do not get the desired results. 


The opportunity to play for Tacoma Select is a privilege. Understanding players have this opportunity because of parents’ time and financial commitment, the dedication of coaches and volunteers, and the support of management, ownership, and sponsors. Not everyone who tryouts get accepted into the program and those in the program who don’t maintain our standards may not be invited back. 

Service and commitment:

A Tacoma Select player is expected to be a good community steward and maintain academic standards. Not maintaining standards could directly affect play time or membership in the team 


Tacoma Select will always seek outstanding on-field baseball development by teaching fundamentals, solid strategic insight, and appropriate emotional responses to competition and adversity.

We prepare all our players for the next steps in their baseball careers by developing fundamentals and situation teaching, practice, live game repetitions, and the correct mental approach.

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What we want in our players